• LOCATION Atlanta, Georgia
  • CLIENT Art Productions
  • CHALLENGE Custom computerized controller driving high-voltage lighting.

The World of Coca-Cola complex in Atlanta is a museum celebrating the long history of the Coca-Cola Company. The twenty acre site is located adjacent to the Atlanta Aquarium and Centennial Olympic Park in Downtown Atlanta. The museum includes historic memorabilia, interactive exhibits, a gift shop and a tasting bar where visitors can sample many of the Coca-Cola products available around the world. Additionally a small scale, fully automated, robotic bottling plant allows visitors to take home a Coke, bottled before their eyes, and date stamped on the day of their visit.

Henry has a long history with The Coca-Cola Company as we are both Atlanta natives and we have produced multiple landmark signs for them throughout the city. Consequently it is not surprising that we were involved in the construction of The World of Coca-Cola.

We produced many smaller signs and displays around the site but the true signature piece is the neon pinwheel facing Centennial Olympic Park Drive. Though less than two stories high the pinwheel incorporates over a thousand feet of red neon and the letters spelling out Coca-Cola are illuminated by over six hundred 11 watt light bulbs. The neon is animated, flashing and chasing spirals around the bulbs which twinkle and flash. This lighted dance is choreographed by a silent bank of solid state electronic switching computers designed and installed by us. The back side of the sign consists of a single back-lit face, with digitally printed full color graphics, visible from the gift shop balcony on the second story.