LED Retrofit

Why ‘spend money’ on an LED retrofit? Not only do LEDs use less power, but they are also much more reliable than any other lighting system available. No vibration sensitive moving parts, no filaments or electrodes slowly burning up, no fragile glass bulb, just a little chip of silicone glowing away in a rugged plastic package. That reliability means better warranties, and lower maintenance costs.

HID Lamp

Neon = 90 Day Warranty

Fluorescent & HID Lamps = 1 Year (In a New Fixture)

Transformers and Ballasts = 1 Year Warranty

LEDs and Power Supplies:

Five Year Warranty!

LED & Power Supply

You don’t ‘spend money’ on an LED retrofit; you save money with one. Because LEDs are just obviously better, we do a huge number of LED retrofits, replacing existing neon, fluorescent lamps, and HID lamps in signs, parking lot lights, and canopies and awnings. In fact, we are the #1 LED retrofit provider in Georgia.

A Single Neon Repair or Transformer Replacement Could Pay for 25% of a LED Retrofit

A typical LED retrofit will save you 75% on your power bill with no reduction in brightness, and because LEDs use 75% less power, running them produces 75% less greenhouse gas emissions. Unlike other light sources, LEDs don’t contain any toxic materials, like mercury, so they don’t require special disposal procedures. LED lights also produce less UV radiation, meaning they don’t fade paints and pigments as much and produce less eye strain.

It’s not every day you can have a better product for less money and save the planet too!

If anybody understands power consumption and electrical components, it’s Georgia Power. In 2016, when they rebranded their corporate headquarters, they had us use LEDs in their building ID signs. They have not had a single service call since.

LED Retrofit at Georgia Power

Did You Know:

In 2014 the Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to Isamu Akasaki, Hiroshi Amano, and Shuji Nakamura for the development of efficient blue LEDs, not because blue LEDs are that big a deal themselves, but because when combined with the red and green LEDs that had been around for decades, they made super-efficient white lights possible. That was a game-changing development that you can take advantage of. You won’t win a Nobel Prize for it, but you will save a lot of money.