• LOCATION Miami Beach, Florida
  • CLIENT Craig Boran Barber Engel
  • CHALLENGE Stringent structural requirements, short install schedule and tight working conditions.

26,600 Square Feet of Kynar Finished Screen Wall Built to Withstand 190 mph Winds

Sunset Harbour Shops is a sidewalk fronted retail shopping mall located in Miami Beach. With the storefronts located beneath three levels of parking deck, Arquitectonica was confronted with the challenge of creating an attractive facade that provided the ventilation that a parking deck requires and still fit the modern lines of the rest of the building as well as the style sense of the community. For us the challenge was to bring that vision into reality in a way that would withstand the 190 mile per hour winds that can be expected from storms in this beach-side location.

Coordinating closely with the general contractor, Boran Craig Barber Engel to insure that our finishes matched the building, we implemented Arquitectonica’s dynamic design and exceeded the structural requirements placed by the environment. Additionally as road access was at a premium in this busy shopping district, it was important that our trucks did not linger on site. Our precision surveys and modular construction techniques allowed us to install the facade in a fraction of the time required by traditional techniques, and therefore get our crews and equipment in and out of the job site as quickly as possible.