• LOCATION Atlanta, Georgia
  • CLIENT The Beck Group
  • CHALLENGE Diverse materials combined in unique applications.

The Lenox Square food court renovation, and the mall’s main ID monument, are excellent showcases of some of our exotic-materials capabilities. The entrance monument consists of a sculpted fiberglass body on a granite base which has both internal and exterior lighting. The 14’ diameter lighted column capitals in the food court consist of a white translucent fabric stretched into inverted concave cones, flaring up to the open truss ceiling. Also hanging over the open food court we installed a remotely programmable, rotating electronic message center. In the multi-story side passage of the food court we installed rows of LED-lighted, tempered-glass, column covers with wood-grain Trespa bases and brushed stainless trim. We also built and installed Trespa and Corian dining counters.

The new entry monument’s sleek modern lines contribute to the mall’s fresh image and our ability to smoothly integrate custom features into existing architecture is second to none. The finished food court renovation presents a coherent modern design with no visible transition between the new work and the mall’s existing features.