• LOCATION Norcross, Georgia
  • CLIENT E.R. Snell Contractor, Inc.
  • CHALLENGE Adapt architect’s design concept to field conditions.

The Jimmy Carter Boulevard Bridge Enhancement includes several styles of screen wall, a decorative finned column in the center of each side and custom flood lighting brackets. Like other bridge projects real world conditions dictated precise survey work and meticulous pre-construction modeling. Because even idealized bridges have a slight arch, often a slope, and sometimes are built on a curved section of road each panel of even a simple screen wall has a unique shape that must match perfectly with its neighbors. Of course real bridges are far from idealized and actual variations in concrete and steel surfaces, expansion joints and imperfect matches in existing joints in aging materials make these fit and finish issues even more challenging. In the case of the Jimmy Carter Bridge, the panels were anything but simple. Despite these many challenges our engineering department delivered these uniquely engineered panels, right on time, and the bridge contractor was able to assemble them into a flawless finished product without any of the field-redesign that is far too common in this type of custom work.