High-Rise Letters for King & Spalding

  • LOCATION Atlanta, Georgia
  • CLIENT Mark III Signs
  • CHALLENGE Accessibility Limited

Installing our high-rise letters on Symphony Tower at 1180 Peachtree Street was challenging.

It is one of the tallest buildings in Atlanta at 657’ and having achieved LEED Gold certification it is also one of the greenest. Designed by Pickard Chilton with Kendall/Heaton Associates serving as the architect as record, this building, built by Turner Construction, is one of the most beautiful in Atlanta, and an utterly unique addition to our skyline.

These are just a few of the reasons we were so honored to have been awarded the building ID sign work by Mark III Signs. We take pride in every job, but it is especially satisfying to be a part of truly landmark projects.

High-Rise Letter Installation

We installed LED channel letters on the east and west elevations. At over 500’ above street level calling them high-rise letters is almost an understatement. Each sign, and the frame holding it, weighs in at over 10,000 lbs. Getting them up there was a challenge.

The mounting height is out of reach for anything but a tower crane. Unfortunately, that equipment was long gone before we were on site. We considered swing stages, but that was not really workable because the west wing of the building is in the way at the lower levels. We even looked at using a helicopter. Because clearing an approach path to the building of bystanders was impossible, that wasn’t doable. In the end we just carried the signs up by hand, piece by piece. Fortunately, a freight elevator got us within a couple of flights of stairs of the roof. Once everything was on the roof, we assemble the signs right on the face of the building.

King and Spalding occupies over 60% of the 625,000 square feet of Symphony Tower’s leasable space and they documented every step of our installation. Check out their video: