• LOCATION Orlando, Florida
  • CLIENT Four Seasons
  • CHALLENGE Absolute flawless execution.

When Four Seasons decided to open their largest resort yet, within Walt Disney World, Orlando, they chose Henry Incorporated over their regular sign contractor. We were selected because of our reputation for delivering the very best products. Our on-time, no excuses work ethic, our history of successfully managing large complex projects, and our ability to deliver great value, set us apart from other bidders.

Our scope of work included hundreds of signs, both interior and exterior. Like everything else on a Four Seasons property every sign was manufactured to the highest quality standards, and of the highest quality materials, including polished stainless steel and zinc, bronze, inch thick acrylic and sophisticated, unobtrusive electronics.

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The execution of the high quality, elegant and sophisticated design of both the interior and exterior signage packages was a highlight of the Project, especially for a very significant component of the entire Resort. We found Henry easy to work with both from a project management as well as a field installation standpoint. Henry was professionally responsive in the initial startup, design, execution and closeout phases of the project, and we were pleased with your ability to successfully deal with all the changes and adjustments that are encountered on a project of this size and complexity.

— Guy Punzi, Development Manager
Four Seasons Orlando